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Orange County’s jail population has decreased dramatically last year. This is in line with a drop in California’s inmate population, according to a new study.Public Policy Institute of California’s (PPIC) study found that Proposition 47-a 2014 voter approved measure that reduced certain felony crimes such as theft and drug possession to misdemeanors – had achieved its intended goal. In fact, the number of inmates held in county jails statewide was decreased by nearly 9%.

Orange County jails recorded a further and more significant decline. According to Sheriff’s Department figures, Orange County’s average daily prisoner population dropped by 15% last year. It fell from 6,805 prisoners in 2014 down to 5,755 this past year. It follows a three-year period in which county jails had capacity issues, after another state statute, AB109 shifted some state prisoner to county agencies.

Steve Kea stated, “We’d been stretched to our limit by AB109”. “We literally had to add beds to Theo Lacy and to the women’s jail. We also planned to do it in a few other units before Proposition 47. 47 hit. What we saw was Prop. It was 47 that led to a significant reduction in minor offenders.

Wednesday’s study revealed that Prop. 47 decreased inmate numbers by reducing the likelihood of low-level inmates being booked on arrest, jailed ahead of pretrials, convicted of crimes or sentenced with lengthy jail terms. All these changes have reduced the number or inmates serving time at county jails due to Prop. 47 offenses.The study included Orange county in its analysis of the justice systems and oc jail.

The research matches what Orange County officers reported on the ground. They said they were more likely than not to book misdemeanor-level offenders into county jails. Prop 47 redefines low-level crime as a misdemeanor, such as the theft of under $950 of goods or possession of small quantities methamphetamine cocaine and heroin.

Many local law enforcement officials attribute this increase to Proposition 47. It is said that Prop. 47 makes drug addicts and low-level offender difficult to confine, forcing them to the streets where they can commit more crimes and steal in order to feed their addictions. Some criminologists deny that research supports the claim, warning that police have been known to criticize legislation they disagree with before it has been properly analyzed.

There are several ways to do this, including having fewer low threat inmates man the kitchens or work crews in the community, allowing the County to rotate inmates in order to fix up parts of the jails and reducing a program where some misdemeanor offender were sentenced to wear GPS bracelets instead of spending time in prison.

Orange County’s sheriff’s deputies’ union, which represents the county’s jailers, claims that in spite of the recent drop in population at the Santa Ana Central Men’s Jail three inmates were able to escape. The union, in February of this year, sued Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. They claimed that staff reductions led to unsafe conditions at the Santa Ana Central Men’s jail, and that operational mistakes and insufficient resources allowed inmates escape.

Understanding basic things, such as what you’re allowed to do at the commissary or when you may have visitors, can help you avoid confusion and prepare for your everyday life. It will help you focus better and deal with the situation.

Remember that jail does not equal prison. According to your perspective, a jail sentence can be positive. Many ex-inmates look at their jail sentence as a “wake up” call, and they make positive changes to their lives after being released. Focus on surviving the situation and look forwards to the day you will be able to put it behind you.

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